Ethics of compassion and force

The new issue of the journal with interesting insights that explore compassion and force. There are ethical, legal and professional issues considered here.

Although the words “compassion” & “force” rarely appear together, this issue investigates what their union could mean for & make possible in the realm of health care:

Issues and questions

What is compassion and why is it important in healthcare?

Is it ever justified to use force in caring for patients?

How can you be compassionate when being forceful?

Consider the case of a teenager with anorexia. The teenager wants to end their life but the parents want her to be force-fed. What if the wishes of parents conflict with children? Who has the final say? What factors should be considered?

What are the compassion issues in mental health?

Consider the patient who wants to be mobile and independent. They don’t have the cognitive capabilities to do this. What is a compassionate approach to this?


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