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Feedback is science: its a process and a community

“Science is a process, but it’s also a community. Strive to be a constructive critic and a scientist who invites helpful feedback on your own work.”

Avoid straw men arguments by simplifying the argument and avoiding the context

Criticize with kindness, be human and don’t be a jerk

Embrace a sense of humility when you criticize others’ work.

Assume the best. The most concerning criticisms are ones that suggest, explicitly or implicitly, some degree of unethical behavior. Unless you are absolutely certain academic misconduct has occurred, it is often best to assume the other researcher made an honest mistake. Remember that mistakes can and do happen to everyone. No one, including you, is perfect. But if you do find a significant ethical lapse, you will want to document and report it immediately through the appropriate professional channels.

Respond with politeness, take the high ground and avoid trolls

While survival keeps us safe in our comfort zones, thriving requires effort to move out of our comfort zones and challenge our abilities.

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